Shows with marine mammals

If you have a dream to get to know the most cheerful inhabitants of the oceans better, you need to attend a fascinating show with marine mammals, which will give you long lasting positive energy and unforgettable bright memories.

The Dolphinarium is located in the first floor of the main building. There will be 800 total seats in the underwater and above water observing zones. The system of pools will include quarantine pool, a pool for keeping dolphins and one for conducting shows. Space in the central pool of the Dolphinarium is going to be 800 square meters and its depth — 10 meters. This system will create excellent opportunities for husbandry and training of marine mammals.

The Dolphinarium will provide the necessary setting for feeding, examination and transportations of animals, as well as veterinary laboratory for medical care of marine mammals.

There will be shows of belugas,sea lions and fur seals along with the dolphin shows.

It’s hard to think of a better entertainment for children and parents! Animals will show you incredible things! They can do different acrobatic tricks, dance, sing, jump and play with kids. Their incomparable grace, friendliness and intelligence deserve true admiration! The show will touch the bottom of your heart and will make a special and memorable time.