29.05.2014 – Migration without boarders

    The Aquarium FEB RAS in cooperation with WWF-Russia Amur branch organized a series of events devoted to the celebration of World Fish Migration Day...

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    23.05.2014 – A new play about salmon adventures

    On May 21 the interactive play “Salmon Boy” was performed at Secondary School № 28 (119b Svetlanskaya St, Vladivostok). It also coincided with the celebration of World Fish Migration Day...

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    23.05.2014 – Salmon is a fish of the world!

    Third Open School "The role of education in the implementation of biodiversity conservation projects (using the example of salmon conservation)" was held in the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service...

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    19.05.2014 – How can we protect salmon?

    More than 50 people, including members of ecology centers, environmental educators, and teachers from various educational institutions, have participated in a three-day seminar on “Salmon Species of the Russian Far East and environmental issues of Primorsky Region”...

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    12.09.2012 – The Story of Getting a Sea Lion Pup

    Scientists of the State Natural Biosphere Reserve Komandorsky noticed a stranded pup while monitoring Steller Sea Lions population in the northern part of the Bering Island.

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