A new play about salmon adventures

A new play about salmon adventures

On May 21 the interactive play «Salmon Boy» was performed at Secondary School № 28 (119b Svetlanskaya St, Vladivostok). It also coincided with the celebration of World Fish Migration Day.

World Fish Migration Day 2014 is celebrated to turn people’s attention to the importance of open rivers and migratory fish conservation.

The play «Salmon boy» is a story about a boy who transformed into a salmon, and his life in a fish strain. During the show children from the audience can participate in the theatrical performance, turn into salmon species, and learn to overcome difficulties that salmon face making their way to spawn. Main roles were played by marine mammal trainers of Aquarium FEB RAS and games for children were conducted by the members of our Education Department.

«Salmon Boy» play is a part of «Salmon is a fish of the world» environmental education program, that were developed by the members of Aquarium FEB RAS. This program will also include workshops, computer games, quests, and interactive meetings that will be interesting and exciting for children, their parents and teachers.

The play was organized with the assistance of the Phoenix Fund and financial support from the U.S.-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program.

For more information about the play, please visit: http://vk.com/public38222244,