Migration without boarders

Migration without boarders

The Aquarium FEB RAS in cooperation with WWF-Russia Amur branch organized a series of events devoted to the celebration of World Fish Migration Day.

The World Fish Migration Day is held to improve the publics’ understanding of the importance of freshwater ecosystems, migratory fish and open rivers. This year there were 250 events on WFMD around the world. One of them took place on 23 May at the Arseniev State Museum. One of the leading experts on salmon species in Russia and Deputy Head of Biological Department at the Aquarium FEB RAS Anatoly Semenchenko presented a speech about salmon migration in the rivers of Primorsky Region, he also commented on the film about salmon spawning that was shown at the event.

During the communication, the participants had a chance to receive competent answers concerning the importance of salmon, different salmon species that spawn in the rivers of Primorye, as well as threats and difficulties they face on their way. Besides, Mr. Semenchenko shared some interesting facts about salmon with the audience. For example, visitors found out that from salmon spawning in the rivers of Primorsky Region Sakhalin taimen is the biggest and the oldest salmon species living today. It is more than 40 million years old. Moreover, it is the only species of salmon of Primorsky Region being listed in the Red List of Threatened Species.

People of different ages and professions have visited this event at the Arseniev Museum. Apart from the serious talk about salmon conservation, guests participated in the interactive games that allowed them to become different species of salmon. During these games they escaped from «fishermen» and «swam» over dams. This way people experienced all the difficulties salmon face on their way to spawning.

In the future, the Aquarium FAB RAS is planning to develop environmental education in the Far Eastern Region of Russia and participate in various projects supporting the conservation of endangered species of fish.

This year World Fish Migration Day is celebrated for the first time. The motto of all the events is «connecting fish, rivers and people». More than 150 organizations worldwide have supported this initiative created to turn peoples’ attention to the conservation of open rivers and migratory fish. Unfortunately, not all the people know what kind of fish live in the local rivers, and that the river is a home for salmon, they also are not aware of such an important issue as dam building. Dams are the main barrier on the way of salmon. They block their path, and consequently large spawning sites are disappearing. That puts salmon populations under threat. The events like World Fish Migration Day help to form the public opinion on such environmental issues and inspire people to take actions in order to protect the local nature.