Popular TV travel program films an episode in the Primorsky Aquarium.

Popular TV travel program films an episode in the Primorsky Aquarium.

An episode of the Spanish-language TV travel program ‘La Dolce Vita’ has been shot at the Primorsky Aquarium. The program is shown on prime-time on one of the highest-rated TV channels in Latin America, Caracol Internacional, which has an audience of 24 million viewers. The program is filmed in different parts of the world, and its production center is situated in Miami.

The working time allotted by the TV men was not sufficient, the shooting of the episode took much longer than previously planned.

“It is an amazing place! I have never seen anything like this, and I like it!”, said Romina Domiani, ‘La Dolce Vita’ director and producer. “I think that not a single US aquarium has the abundance of information available here.”

The visitors were accompanied by Vadim Pokrovsky, Lead Specialist of the Exotic Species Sector. Two unique exhibits of the Primorsky Aquarium, Evolution of Life in the Ocean” and “Waters of Russia”, caused the greatest interest and excitement among the members of the film crew.

“I am impressed with the size and magnitude of this beautiful place where all details have been taken into consideration. I haven’t seen anything similar to it for 14 years during which time ‘La Dolce Vita’ has been filmed”, said Alexandra Rossi, managing director and anchorwoman of the program. “All this beauty will be shown to our viewers in Northern, Central and Southern America, the Caribbean Islands and Spain. I like the fact that your Aquarium is not sheer entertainment and provides a lot of educational information. And everything here is designed to arouse a desire for learning new things. I will definitely advise our audience to come here”.

At parting Alexandra Rossi said that she herself hoped to visit the Aquarium located on Russky Island once more. The episode of ‘La Dolce Vita’ dedicated to Primorye will go on the air in the first quarter of 2019.