Preschoolers are crossing the Equator

Preschoolers are crossing the Equator

In January 2014 members of Education Department of the Aquarium FEB RAS and kids from Child Development Center № 171 had embarked on a «Journey Around the World» that successfully ended in May 2014.

«Journey Around the World» is an educational project that helps children to cooperate with each other and work in team — factors that will be useful in their future studying at school. A journey was designed as a game during which kids were watching videos, listening to stories, discovering amusing facts and were involved in other activities. Most importantly, they were asked to tell others about what they had learned and make a cartoon based on this knowledge. Creation of this cartoon was the culmination of the project. Each kid tried his or her hand in being an animation artist, director and voice actor. The cartoon had a great success and won the first prize in the All-Russian Contest of Films for Children «Film, film, film».

Parents had a chance to watch their kids participating in the project on a specially created web-site. As parents and teachers point out, children have become friendlier, learned to listen to each other and make decisions together.

The project was created by Tatiana Chernykh, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Researcher in Education Department of the Aquarium FEB RAS and professor of the FEFU School of Pedagogics. For many years, she has been designing various interactive lessons about the sea for preschool children. These lessons aim to develop interest and positive attitude towards sea animals.

The Aquarium FEB RAS will continue its collaboration with childcare center № 171 in 2015. In cooperation with the Museum of the Institute of Marine Biology, we designed a new education program for preschoolers — «The beauty living in the world», which is going to be very creative and entertaining.