Primorsky Aquarium participates in the International Biennale of Visual Art

Primorsky Aquarium participates in the International Biennale of Visual Art

At present, Vladivostok hosts the 9th Vladivostok International Biennale of Visual Art (VIBVA) that started 20 September and will run until 20 October 2017. The Primorsky Aquarium became one of the venues of the Biennale. Olga Kiseleva, the Sorbonne University professor and a well-known artist coauthored with Olga Shevchenko (PhD), Head of the Research Support Service of the Primorsky Aquarium Scientific and Educational Centre created the BIObank Project on the Primorsky Aquarium’s base. Olga Shevchenko’s study of the diatomic algae underlies the project - the diatoms became prototypes of vases and decorations made with a 3D-printer and placed in the Aquarium’s tanks. These objects send to the Greek culture and aesthetics of Hellenic culture. The project purposed at highlighting water as a life spring through the perspective of arts and sciences.

Olga Shevchenko (PhD Biology, Primorsky Aquarium)

Only a power microscope can help to see in detail the microalgae Olga Shevchenko with colleagues have investigated. These microorganisms fascinate by beauty of their shells; engineering accuracy of tiny valves and perfection of details are amazing.

Olga Kiseleva (professor of the Department of Arts and Sciences, Sorbonne University)

Video BIOBank blends seamlessly into the main biennale theme – The Port Morphology. As known, a port is an attributive item and one of the most symbolically complex elements of culture. The port belongs to a city and, in the meantime, to the whole world. Since its foundation, Vladivostok city has had historical connections with Europe and Asia. The biennale shows other side of the city through the spectacle of modern culture and arts. In the installation, Olga Kiseleva uses a subject of research - microalgae - in a whole new way translating perfection and beauty of nature into objects of art. It is the first time the Primorsky Aquarium has participated in the exhibition of visual art. Up to the present time, we just exhibited other artists’ works in our art gallery.