Russian Science Day in the Prymorsky Aquarium

Russian Science Day  in the Prymorsky Aquarium

In the Primorsky Aquarium, Russian Science Day celebration is held on February 7 – one day ahead of the established date. “This day is our weekly scheduled educational Wednesday when the Aquarium receives schoolchildren, children from preschool establishments and social institutions,” Natalia Miroshnikova, Head of the Environmental Education Department says. “It is they who celebrate the Russian Science Day in the Aquarium today.”

The Russian Science Day in the Aquarium includes the program of science educational activities aimed at children of all ages. For kids, it is a scientific fairy-tale about a little mermaid; however, it is not a well-known Hans Christian Andersen’s story but about a coelacanth fish (Latimeria) whose ancestors were believed to leave life in the ocean morphing into the four-legged amphibians.

Working with a microscope is expecting for the older children on the Plankton Spread Before the Eyes practicum. Attendee of the Contemporary Pangolins masterclass opened in the Manta-Ray Café premises are going to reconstruct chameleon figures, with getting to know the characters in the Tropical Rainforest Exhibit for biological authenticity. The Introduction to Ichthyology masterclass tells about tropical fishes and the We Explore the Sea Shells one - about bivalve mollusks - inhabitants of the Sea of Japan.

On February 7, the following thematic tours are also conducted: Amid the Myths and Reefs, New Year: North to South, and The Close Tropics. Of course, there are traditional Wednesdays’ lessons given in the Aquarium today as well as the marine mammals’ shows in the Dolphinarium, with methods of the marine mammal training commented in science terms.

In addition, the Federal Scientific Center for Biodiversity FEB RAS, Far Eastern Regional Body of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organization, and Primorsky Aquarium NSCMB FEB RAS are organizing the exhibition of children’s works to be open on the occasion of 85th anniversary of the Mountain-Taiga Station named after V.L. Komarov FEB RAS.