Main areas of scientific activities of the Primorsky Aquarium

  • development of scientific basis and up-to-date husbandry and breeding technologies of the threatened and endangered species of the marine biota;
  • threatened and endangered species reproductive biology;
  • research in the marine animals’ physiology, ethology, and veterinary;
  • study of the marine animals’ higher nervous activity and behaviour;
  • research in the molecular genetics, biochemistry, and biotechnology of the threatened and endangered species of the marine animals


To develop these scientific activities, the following six research laboratories equipped with up-to-date equipment will be opened:

  • Marine Mammals Adaptation Laboratory
  • Cell Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Aquatic Technology Laboratory
  • Microorganisms Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Microbiology and Disease and Hydrobionts Studying


The Primorsky Aquarium offers fundamentally new opportunities  

  • sophisticated aquatic technology development; studies in the marine organisms hybridization field;
  • comparative studies of the genetic diversity of various fishes and invertebrates taxa; creation of genetic databank for rare and commercially valuable fishes and invertebrates, developing recommendations on their breeding;
  • developing technologies of breading and returning  the threatened and endangered species of fishes and invertebrates to their natural habitats;
  • study of life cycle and reproductive biology of various species of the marine organisms; research in the cryopreservation of sex cells, larvae and tissue of the marine organisms with subsequent recovery of their viability; creation of  the marine organisms’ tissue cryobank including tissues of the threatened and endangered species;
  • studies in the comparative cytology of the marine animals;
  • studies in neurobiology, physiology, and veterinary of the marine mammals;

Scientific research relating to the medical science allow developing a dolphinarium. The efficacy of the dolphin therapy in treatment of children with the infantile cerebral palsy, other diseases and abnormalities has been proved.

Research in the field of pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, and biotechnology of the marine organisms make it possible to develop new-generation pharmaceuticals.

A list of opportunities for research provided by the Primorsky Aquarium does not end here.

If visitors become interested, they can participate in the excursions allowing them to get some insight into advanced research methods in the ocean sciences, get to know about unique scientific instruments and equipment, and about advances in the field of the marine biotechnology, bioengineering, and others.

Scientific and Technological Developments of Research and Monitoring of Marine Biological Resources

May 22-24, 2017


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