Children with special education needs attend Primorsky Aquarium

Children with special education needs attend Primorsky Aquarium

On October 12, students from the Arsenyev Special Education School were given an educational tour of the facility as part of a charity project run by the Primorsky Aquarium. This time, the scientific and educational center was visited by special guests  ̶  fifteen disabled children accompanied by their social educator Natalya Rudakova and caregiver Galina Vishnevskaya toured through the exhibits.

According to the educators, trips like these are conducted on a regular basis within the curriculum.  Excursions and tours unite children and their teachers, providing them with an opportunity to visit the principal city and other urban places of Primorye they have never been before.  For many of the kids, it is the first time they see not only Vladivostok but also seascapes and ships.  

“This is the fourth trip to the Primorsky Aquarium taken by our school,” said Galina Vishnevskaya. “The kids we brought here when the facility just opened to the public have already graduated. Now, a new set of students can explore the exhibits. The children are old enough to absorb interesting facts that is why we are here today, and it has become possible thanks to Aquarium executives who gave us a chance to visit the facility for free and arranged an excellent tour”.

In undertaking this charity project, the Primorsky Aquarium allows disabled and orphaned children from care institutions located in Vladivostok and other urban and rural settlements of Primorye to discover a vibrant, fascinating underwater world, experience new emotions and gain new knowledge, and these visits are free of charge.

The Aquarium team make it their mission to educate the public in a fun and engaging way when exhibits and their inhabitants serve as vivid visual aids and an effective tool to involve visitors in the learning process.

“In these challenging times, we want every child to have the opportunity to connect with an incredibly diverse underwater world within the walls of the Aquarium and to feel intense emotions,” said Vadim Pokrovsky, Head of the Education Department at the Primorsky Aquarium. “We are sure that it will enhance the children’s learning motivation and interest, broaden their mind and develop their emotional responsiveness.”