Primorsky Aquarium advocates a healthy lifestyle

Primorsky Aquarium advocates a healthy lifestyle

On November 16, the awards ceremony took place, where contest winners were awarded for their achievements in the 2022 competition season. All Vladivostok-based companies and institutions involved in promotion of a healthy lifestyle among their own employees and the city’s residents were invited to participate in the contest.


The Aquarium’s project received the second prize in the Best Events Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Held by Vladivostok Nonprofits, Businesses and Institutions category. Sergey Yazev, Head of the Department of Community Initiatives in the City of Vladivostok, presented the sports team of the Primorsky Aquarium with a winner’s certificate and gift certificates.


While participating in the Aquarium on the Move project launched by the institution’s executives just over a year ago, our athletes took part in many of the city's major sports events. During this time, Aquarium staff members showed what they were made of in dozen of running, swimming, aquathlon and triathlon competitions, and the number of team participants doubled.


“We are really grateful to our administration for their support of the employees’ sports initiatives and for the opportunity to represent the Aquarium at various competitions. There were only 8–10 athletes in the Aquarium on the Move project last year, and now there are 20 of us! We are planning to involve those colleagues who play games like football or volleyball and organize sports events on our own grounds,” said Alyona Semenchenko, Computer Numerical Control Engineer and leader of the project.


The Achievements in Promoting and Shaping a Healthy Lifestyle among Vladivostok Residents is a competition that has been conducted by the Vladivostok city government for several years with a goal to encourage healthy habits in the people of Vladivostok through local nonprofits, businesses and public institutions.