Primorsky Aquarium biologists participate in All-Russian Science Festival

Primorsky Aquarium biologists participate in All-Russian Science Festival

On October 16, 2021 Vladivostok served as one of the venues for NAUKA 0+, an annual All-Russian Science Festival for all ages.  The Festival’s events took place in Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service and were free but required advance registration.

NAUKA 0+ enhances the prestige of researchers, educators and popularizers, introduces the general public to advances in both national and international science and enables getting first-hand information on what happens at the forefront of modern research. That is why the Science Festival in Russia has a motto which says, “Connect with science!”

This year biologists of the Primorsky Aquarium traditionally took part in NAUKA 0+. Evgeniya Morozova, Lead Specialist at the Department of Tropical Marine Species, discussed clown-fish family values in her lecture “Tricksy Nemo” (7+). She presented interesting facts about life of these coral reef fishes, their peppery tempers, ability to change sex, parental care behavior and other aspects of their biology. In addition, Evgeniya Morozova drew the audience's attention to the threats facing coral reefs.

The lecture “Jellyfishes: So Widely Different” (7+) delivered by Alexander Yurkevich, Specialist at the Department of Exotic Aquatic Species, answered the most popular questions about these gelatinous creatures: “What percentage of water does a jellyfish contain? How does it breathe? Where is the mouth found on a jellyfish? How many eyes does it have? Can this animal feel pain?”  Alexander Yurkevich also told the audience about an experimental study which indicated that jellyfish need rest.

Dr. Arkady Bezdelev, Head of the Grounds Management Department at the Primorsky Aquarium, held a workshop titled “The Art of Growing Bonsai — Niwaki” (15+) where he explained the key principles of training plants into decorative shapes. The workshop attendees were given a practical demonstration of structural pruning, techniques of removing conflicting branches and basics of tree trimming.

Throughout the day, festival-goers could watch several educational videos made as part of the Lesson at the Aquarium program: “Coral Reef Fishes”, “Tropical Rain Forest Community” and “Unwinding the Spiral of Evolution”, which are of interest not only to children of various ages but to their parents as well.