About a conference

Second Circular


The Organizing Committee of the conference

Scientific and Technological Developments of Research and Monitoring of Marine Biological Resources

 informs you about logistics details as follows:


Main sessions (oral and poster) of the conference will be held in the Building B (main group of buildings of the Far Eastern Federal University, FEFU) in the Campus of the FEFU in Russky Island, Vladivostok (see the map), in the “Middle Hall”. Please, keep your badge serving also as a pass always with you as the security system of the FEFU is very strict; you will get your personal badge upon check-in in a university hotel. Walking distance from FEFU hotels to the Building B is about 10 min; please, see below for transportation.

Further information about the FEFU Campus can be found at: https://www.dvfu.ru/en/campus/ (in English), including the map – https://www.dvfu.ru/upload/medialibrary/1fb/Map.pdf. Part of the events will be held in the Primorsky Aquarium (the Branch of the National Scientific Center of Marine Biology FEB RAS) in Russky Island and participants will be transported by conference buses; announcements will be made during the meeting.


We strongly recommend you to reserve flights as soon as possible and to inform us about your flight number, time of arrival and departure (please, send to Mrs. Marina Gorelaya, mgorelaia@mail.ru).


For the transfer from Vladivostok International Knevichi Airport to the FEFU hotels, a pick-up service will be organised. After your arrival, please proceed as described below:

●  Proceed to Immigration (please, see attachment for immigration card!).

●  Retrieve your baggage from the luggage claim area at the baggage carousel.

●  Proceed to Customs Clearance.

●    In the lobby of the international arrival terminal, an Organizing Committee member will be waiting for you with a signboard (MBR-2017 Conference – Marine Biological Resources conference).

●   Depending on the time of your arrival and traffic conditions the ride to FEFU Campus takes up to one hour.

●  Welcome to the FEFU Hotel and please proceed to the reception desk for check-in.

●    Please, double check that you get a badge serving as a pass to university buildings!


The same transfer service will be organised, along the date and time of your departure. The exact departure time from the hotel will be announced to you in due course. Also, please understand that you may be asked to share your car with one or two more colleagues.

In-FEFU Campus transportation

You can commute around FEFU campus on free shuttle buses, which run on the close-loop route as they connect the Northern and the Southern parts of the campus. The total length of route is about 6 kilometers. To reach the Building B, you should proceed from the hotels (buildings 3, 4, 5) down to the road, then cross the road and, on the opposite side of the road take the bus to the main gate (5 stops).

The shuttle bus route includes the following stops: Building A (from the side of the Central gate) - Building 8 - Building 7- Building 6 - Building 5 - Building 3 - Building А (from the side of the sea) - Building 9 - Building 10 - Building 11; and reversely: Building 11 - Building 10 - Building 9 - Building А (from the side of the sea) - Building 3 - Building 5 - Building 6 - Building 7 - Building 8 - Building G - Building A (from the side of the Central Gate). Schedule of the shuttle buses on the territory of FEFU campus on Russky Island: begining of operations: 7.50 a.m.; end of operations: 20.25 p.m.; shuttle buses run every 6 minutes.

If you would like to go to the city downtown or other places, you may ask Reception Desk to call for taxi. There are public buses available near the gate; please, contact Organizing Committee for additional information.


Registration of participants will start on May 22, at 8.30 a.m. in the lobby of the Building B. Registration Desk is located near the entrance to the “Middle Hall”. Please, provide us with a copy of your PowerPoint presentation file during registration. You will get your participant’s file with printed abstract book.


Two days (May 22 and 23) are session days, May 24 – excursion day. Ice-breaking party will be held in the evening of May 22, a banquet – on May 23 evening. Full programme with detailed schedule of oral and poster presentations will be sent out by e-mail ten days prior the conference.

Oral presentations

Plenary (invited) speakers will have 30 min for presentations, other speakers – 15 min including questions/answers.

Poster session

Poster session will be held in the Building B. Posters should not exceed size 1200 x 1500 mm. You will be informed about other details of the session during registration.

Working language

English is the working language of the conference.


Participants will be provided with coffee breaks all the days of the meeting. University hotels provide breakfast. Ice-breaking party and the banquet for all participants will be held on May 22 and 23, respectively, the Organizing Committee will inform you in due time about time and venue.


Organizing Committee is planning a city tour and a visit to Primorsky Aquarium.

Detailed information will be provided at a later stage.